Concerning the involvement of European stakeholders all beneficiaries and especially the Spanish coordinator IDAEA-CSIC and UB have a strong interaction with stakeholders at EU level.

IDAEA-CSIC is the Spanish scientific representative in the following European work-groups:

Also, the associated beneficiary UB has strong interaction with the following groups:

UAVR team members participate or integrate several networks, aiming at promoting research on air quality in Europe, through the exchange of information on practices, the realization of inter-community activities and the identification of research priorities, keeping in focus policy needs.

These networks promote the dialogue between the scientific community and multi-stakeholders offering an opportunity to establish a bridge between air quality research carried out in the scope of several research projects and decision makers.

IDAEA-CSIC, UAVR, NCSRD and UNIFI also participate actively in the European Intercomparison Exercise and drafting of RMTP (receptor model technical protocol) for harmonizing source apportionment techniques, organised by JRC-EC in the framework of FAIRMODE network.

Concerning stakeholders from the industrial sector, AICE- ITC maintains relationships with entities related to various important European industrial sectors, while it is member of the following european research organizations:

Instituto per le Ricerche di Tecnologia Meccanica e per l’Automatizacione (Italy)

Furthermore AICE-ITC is an active member of several European Platforms:

and national platforms: