Concerning the involvement of European stakeholders all beneficiaries and especially the Spanish coordinator IDAEA-CSIC and UB have a strong interaction with stakeholders at EU level.

IDAEA-CSIC is the Spanish scientific representative in the following European work-groups:

Clean Air for Europe (CAFE) Programme

PM and BC experts groups from the Geneva Convention (UNECE)

Eionet – European Topic Centre on Air Pollution and Climate Change Mitigation

Also, the associated beneficiary UB has strong interaction with the following groups:

ACEA – European Automobile Manufacturers Association 

icct – International Council on Clean Transportation

T&E – Transport & Environmen

CONCAWE – Conservation of Clean tAir and Water in Europe

UAVR team members participate or integrate several networks, aiming at promoting research on air quality in Europe, through the exchange of information on practices, the realization of inter-community activities and the identification of research priorities, keeping in focus policy needs.

These networks promote the dialogue between the scientific community and multi-stakeholders offering an opportunity to establish a bridge between air quality research carried out in the scope of several research projects and decision makers.

AQMEII – Air Quality Modelling Evaluation International Initiative

COST Action TU0801 – Semantic enrichment of 3D city models for sustainable urban development

COST Action ES0804 – Advancing the integrated monitoring of trace gas exchange between biosphere and atmosphere

COST Action ES0602 – Weather Forecasting and Information Systems (ENCWF)

COST Action ES1006 – Evaluation, improvement and guidance for the use of local-scale emergency prediction and response tools for airborne hazards in built environments

IDAEA-CSIC, UAVR, NCSRD and UNIFI also participate actively in the European Intercomparison Exercise and drafting of RMTP (receptor model technical protocol) for harmonizing source apportionment techniques, organised by JRC-EC in the framework of FAIRMODE network.

FAIRMODE – Forum for Air quality Modelling in Europe

Concerning stakeholders from the industrial sector, AICE- ITC maintains relationships with entities related to various important European industrial sectors, while it is member of the following european research organizations:

Centro Ceramico Bologna (Italy)

Centro Ricerche Fiat S.C.p.A. (Italy)

Centro Tecnológico da Cerâmica e do Vidro (Portugal)

CERECO (Greece)

Institute for Ferrous Metallurgy (Poland)

Instituto per le Ricerche di Tecnologia Meccanica e per l’Automatizacione (Italy)

Politecnico di Milano (Italy)

Politecnico di Torino (Italy)

Università degli Studi di Padova (Italy)

Università Politecnica delle Marche (Italy)

Furthermore AICE-ITC is an active member of several European Platforms:

European Association of Research and Technological Organisations (EARTO)

Climate-KIC Association

European association for the transfer of technology, innovation and industrial information (TII)

European Industry-driven non-profit association (EFFRA)

European Technology Platform Manufuture

European Technology Platform for Sustainable Chemistry (SusChem)

European Technology Platform for Advanced Engineering Materials and Technologies (EuMat)

 and national platforms:

Red de Universidades para el fomento Investigación, el Desarrollo y la Innovación (RUVID)

Red Europea de Centro de Enlaces para la Innovación (SEIMED)