D.4 Divulgação dos resultados do projecto





AIRUSE events

A1 20/02/2012 Meeting with the North Regional Coordination and Development Commission of Portugal
A1 05/12/2012 Meeting with Department of Territory and Sustainability, Generalitat de Catalunya, Spain
A1 13/12/2012 Meeting with the Madrid City Council and the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment, Spain
A1 19/12/2012 Meeting with the Department for Territory, Environment and Mobility Politics of Tuscany ITALY
A1 20/02/2013 Meeting with the Greek Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change (MEECC)
D3 11/07/2013 Urban Air Quality: The Challenge Of Non-Exhaust Emissions From Traffic (Barcelona)
D4 18/09/2013 Event “Energy and urban air quality” (Madrid)
A1 06/02/2014 Meeting with Portuguese national authorities
E1 17/03/2014 AIRUSE Project meeting
D4 08/04/2014 Lecture “Air pollution: New challenges and directions” at Second Chance School of Peristeri (Athens)
B7 24/04/2014 Presentation of results of Nano-polymer campaign
B2 13/10/2014 Partners PMF workshop

AIRUSE training activities

B2 23/01/2013 Training on Streaker Sampler (Portugal)
D4 01/03/2013 Course on biomass combustion
B2 12/06/2013 Training on Streaker sampler (Athens)
D4 17/06/2013 Course on sampling of atmospheric aerosols and analysis of their carbonaceous content (Aveiro)
D4 14/07/2013 Summer Academy (Aveiro)
B6 02/08/2013 Training activity on road dust sampling device
B2 09/09/2013 Training activity on state-of-the-art receptor modelling

AIRUSE Training Materials

B4 01/03/2013 Course materials on biomass combustion
B2 17/06/2013 Materials on sampling of atmospheric aerosols and characterisation of their carbonaceous content
B2 02/08/2013 Training materials on road dust sampling divice
B2 09/09/2013 Training materials on state-of-the-art receptor modelling
B2 06/12/2013 Training materials on streaker sampler
D4 30/03/2014 Training material for secondary school teacher´s seminar

AIRUSE networking with other projects

E3 14/05/2013 LIFE+ Networking Event
E3 18/11/2013 Kick off meeting of the LIFE MEDHISS Project
E3 21/11/2013 LIFE+ Platform Meeting on Alternative Future Urban Mobility
E3 25/11/2013 Particulate Matter Modelling, Monitoring and Management (PM3)
E3 02/01/2014 MEDHISS: The Health protocol
E3 11/02/2014 CERAMICA INNOVA – international networking event 
E3 05/06/2014 Networking with LIFE09 REDUST project during the International Conference DUST 2014
E3 02/07/2014 LIFE 09 “ACEPT-AIR” Internacional Conference (in PREXII)
E3 10/07/2014 LIFE Networking Event – Valencia

AIRUSE presentations in other events

D4 01/09/2013 European Aerosol Conference (EAC 2013)
D4 01/09/2013 Nuevas medidas para la mejora de la calidad del aire y protección de la atmósfera – UIMP
D4 19/09/2013 Challenges to the improvement of air quality
D4 27/09/2013 European Research Night
D4 31/10/2013 Plans for the improvement of the quality of the air – Measures and experience
D4 06/11/2013 10ª National Environmental Conference (10CNA)
D4 07/11/2013 Environmental seminar “Urban air quality and human health”
D4 12/11/2013 Presentation of the White Book of the Sustainable Mobility in the early XXI Century
D4 28/11/2013 Energy efficiency and natural gas
D4 02/12/2013 7th International Workshop on Sand/Dust storms and Associated Dustfall
D4 11/02/2014 Meeting of the London Pollution Group (LPG)
D4 13/02/2014 Conference “Air quality and health consequences. Do we know what we breathe?”
D4 20/02/2014 Jornada “Salud y Calidad del Aire”
D4 28/02/2014 Jornada sobre la calidad del aire en el entorno portuario
D4 27/04/2014 EGU 2014 – European Geosciences Union General Assembly
D4 29/04/2014 FAIRMODE Forum for air quality modelling in Europe – Technical Meeting
D4 18/05/2014 PM 2014 – World Congress on Powder Metallurgy & Particulate Materials
D4 01/06/2014 DUST 2014 – International Conference on Atmospheric Dust
D4 15/06/2014 AIRMON 2014 – 8th Int. Symposium on Principles for Air Monitoring and Biomonitoring
D4 23/06/2014 22nd European Biomass Conference and Exhibition (EUBCE)
D4 28/08/2014 IAC 2014 – Internacional Aerosol Conference
D4 19/11/2014 SPEIC14 – Scientific conference on combustion and related fields
D4 26/11/2014 Open Week of Science and Technology

AIRUSE other dissemination materials

D1 _ Project website 
D2 _ LIFE+ Information boards 
D4 _ Informative leaflets 
D4 _ Articles in general and trade press