(24) AIRUSE summary for Stakeholders                               (25) AIRUSE summary report

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Action B1

01_Trends on air quality in Spain

02_Air pollutant trends in Barcelona

03_PM10 trends in the AIRUSE cities

Action B2

04_PM speciation and source apportionment

05_Chemical profiles of emission sources

06_Updated PM database for Southern Europe

Action B3

07_Contribution of natural sources to pm concentration levels

Action B4

08_Biomass burning in Southern Europe

09_Emission factors for biomass burning

Action B5

10_Industrial activities inventory in AIRUSE cities

11_PM industrial emissions quantification in AIRUSE cities

Action B6

12_Report on traffic sources contribution

Action B7

13_Report on mitigation measures in Southern Europe

Action B8

14_The Efficacy of Dust Suppressants to Control Road Dust Re-suspension in Northern and Central Europe

15_Review of impact of street cleaning on PM10 and PM2.5 concentrations in Northern and Central Europe

16_Low Emissions Zones in Northern and Central Europe

17_Taxation and pricing strategies to discourage the use of diesel vehicles in Northern and Central Europe

18_Strategies to encourage use of electric, hybrid electric and gas vehicles vehicles in Northern and Central Europe

19_ Proposed Eco-label for Passenger Cars and Vans in Northern and Central Europe

20_Abatement of Emissions from Domestic and Agricultural Biomass Burning

21_The Control of Shipping Emissions

22_Abatement of NOx emissions from vehicles

23_Air Quality and Climate Change Abatement: Synergies and Conflicts

Technical guides

26_Technical guide for industrial emissions reduction

27_Technical guide to reduce biomass burning emissions

28_Technical guide to reduce road dust emissions in Southern Europe

29_Technical guide for mitigation measures from the experience of the Northern and Central European Countries