E.2 Monitoring of the project progress

 Summary reviews

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Indicators of Progress

AIRUSE progress indicators


The implementation of the project AIRUSE LIFE11 ENV/ES/584 was initiated by the coordinating beneficiary IDAEA-CSIC on October 2012.

The project kick-off meeting was organized on the 29th of October 2012, at the premises of the Agencia Estatal Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, CSIC in Barcelona, where representatives of all five associated beneficiaries attended. Except from the beneficiaries a representative from the regional Government of Catalonia (Spain) also participated and presented the air quality plan of Barcelona and also the Regional Office for Environmental Protection, ARPA attended and discussed air quality issues in Milan (Italy).

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The first monitoring team visit was scheduled for June 10th, again at the premises of IDAEA-CSIC in Barcelona. Mrs. Raquel Navarrete, representative of the Astrale Monitoring Team, was attended, in the framework of the yearly routine control of the project progress.

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The 2nd AIUSE partners meeting took place on Friday July the 12th, 2013, following the event Urban Air Quality: The Challenge of Non-Exhaust Emissions from Traffic.
-Angeliki Karanasiou from IDAEA-CSIC revised the project’s activities and methodological criteria for the sampling campaigns were discussed and approved.
-Franco Lucarelli, suggested to study more in detail the Saharan dust intrusions during the long term campaigns. For this reason samples will be collected every day when models forecast the arrival of air masses from the Saharan region. Lila Diapouli from beneficiary NCSRD has offered to notify all partners by email when an African dust intrusion is predicted.
-Celia Alves suggested determining a typical African dust tracer, the carbonate ion. This will lead to the better characterization and calculation of the impact of the natural sources.
-The project manager Xavier Querol kindly asked from Celia Alves to test the emissions of two new biofuels namely almond shells and olive pits since the City Hall of Madrid is very interested in these biofuels.
-Cristina Vasconcelos revised the rules for project management and financial reporting and a calendar for 3 month updating periods was agreed on.

The 3rd AIRUSE partners meeting was held in Praga on the 4th of September 2013, in the venue of the European Aerosol Conference 2013, since all partners participated to the conference. Apart from the AIRUSE partners two representatives (C. Colombi and V. Giarnelle) from ARPA Lombardia attended the meeting and they offered valuable collaboration in the experimental tasks and also dissemination activities.
-Angeliki Karanasiou IDAEA-CSIC revised the project’s activities concerning the dissemination of the project results. She asked from all partners to upload all relevant information such as technical reports, AIRUSE presentations and participation in public events in the project´s website (www.airuse.eu).
-Franco Lucarelli from UNIFI updated all partners on the status of the sampling campaigns, the chemical analysis conducted and any problems occured.
-Lila Diapouli from NCSRD updated all partners on the advancement status of the characterization of African dust.
-Cristina Colombi from ARPA Lombardia kindly offered their help on the chemical analysis of biomass burning tracers. It was decided that partners IDAEA-CSIC, UNIFI, UAVR and NSCRD will send a punch of the PM2.5 filters collected during the sampling campaigns to ARPA Lombardia to be analysed for levoglucosan. This will allow the identification and better characterization of the biomass burning source.
The meeting closed with Angeliki Karanasiou thanking all partners and ARPA Lombardia for participating to the meeting.

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AIRUSE 4th partners meeting took place on March the 17th, 2014, in Athens at Demokritos’s premisses.

The scientific progress of the project was summarised and all completed and ongoing actions, expected results, deliverables and deadlines were reviewed.

The Mid-term report, it’s content, administrative and financial issues were discussed and scheduled to meet deadlines.

Future work and project implementation were also defined.

01 IMG_142708 IMG_142920140317_101526The second monitoring team visit took place on the 5th of May 2014, at the premises of IDAEA-CSIC in Barcelona and Mrs. Raquel Navarrete attended the meeting as the representative of the Astrale Monitoring Team.

Members of 4 partners assisted: Xavier Querol, Angeliki Karanasiou, Teresa Moreno, Fulvio Amato and Cristina de Vasconcelos from IDAEA-CSIC; Irina Celades from AICE-ITC; Célia Alves from UAVR; and Franco Lucarelli from UNIFI.

The progress and implementation of the project’s actions was described in detail, by Angeliki Karanasiou from IDAEA, comparing the foreseen roadmap with the accomplished work. No major deviations were identified and both deliverable and milestone’s deadlines will be met for Mid-term report.

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The 5th management meeting organized by the CB was held on March 23th 2015 in Florence, at the premises of the AB UNIFI, with the participation of all beneficiaries. The progress of the technical and dissemination activities was reviewed and decisions were taken concerning further dissemination activities to be conducted. AIRUSE members agreed to schedule meetings with the national authorities and stakeholders of the 5 AIRUSE cities to present the final results of the project and a special workshop for stakeholders will be prepared in the framework of the European Aerosol Conference EAC2015 in Milan, on the 11th of September 2015. It was also decided to organize an International Conference to present AIRUSE results to be held in Barcelona, on 19-20 June 2016. Airuse video was presented.