D.3 Networking-Open forum with key stake holders

With the objective of creating an open forum with key stake holders from industry, local and national authority policy makers where the complex output of the project will be translated into information which is targeted to policy makers, from the first month of the project several meetings took place with key stakeholders (Action A.1), state and local authorities and policy makers, to present the project. These include:

  • Meeting at the Ministry of Environment, Athens, Greece
  • Meeting with the North Regional Coordination and Development Commission of Portugal
  • Meeting at Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment, Spain
  • Meeting at Madrid Town hall, Ayuntamiento de Madrid
  • Meeting at the Department of Territory and Sustainability, Generalitat de Catalunya

Beneficiary UB attended Greater London Authority workshop on the efficacy of the application of dust suppressants on reducing PM10 concentrations at hotspots in London and other mitigation measures. 

A public event,Urban Air Quality: The Challenge of Non-Exhaust Emissions from Trafficwas organized by AIRUSE coordinator, in Barcelona on July 10-11, 2013 with the participation of experts and European stake holders.

A Preliminary Survey too was sent to all participants posing 10 questions about non-exhuast emissions from road traffic in order to identify common visions and possible disagreements. The results of this questionnaire are now available.

The debate was divided in four main sessions on air pollution from non-exhaust emissions:

  • Measurements and emission estimates
  • Modeling
  • Health effects
  • Mitigation measures

These are the Minuts of the Open-Forum:

D3 Deliverable 10 Minutes Open- Forum_Page_01

On the 18th of September the seminar Energy and urban air quality took place in Madrid at the MAGRAMA.

Energy and urban air quality were discussed by AIRUSE members, several national authorities, and representatives of both research institutes and private companies.

You can now follow the discussion trough the available presentations.

biomassaDownload the PDF version of the agenda