AFTERLIFE FASE OF AIRUSE PROJECT LIFE Platform Meeting on Air Quality - “Abat­ing urban exposure to ai­r pollutants”
E1 Kick-off Meeting (Barcelona)
E1 External Monitoring Team Visit (Barcelona)
D2 AIRUSE LIFE+ information boards
A1 Meetings with local and regional authorities
A1 Meetings with local and regional authorities
B2 Streaker sampler (Athens)
B2 Training activity on state-of-the-art receptor modelling (Florence)
B2 Sampling atmospheric aerosols and characterisation of carbonaceous content-short course (Aveiro)
B6 Road dust campaign (Athens)
B7 Campaigns
D3 Urban Air Quality: The challenge of non-exhaust emissions from traffic (Barcelona)
D4 Seminar “Energy and Urban Air Quality” (Madrid)
D4 “Summer Academy” and “Open Week of Science” (Aveiro)
D4 European Research Night (Florence)
E3 Kick off meeting of the LIFE MEDHISS Project (Torino)
D4 “European Aerosol Conference” EAC 2013 (Prague)
E3 Final Conference of the LIFE+ PM3 project (Cyprus)
E3 LIFE+ Platform Meeting on Alternative Future Urban Mobility (Berlin)
E3 LIFE+ Networking Event (Valencia)
D4 Event “Plans for the improvement of the quality of the air” (Barcelona)
D4 Event “Retos para la mejora de la calidad del aire” (Huesca)
D4 Seminar “Calidad del aire urbano y salud humana” (Barcelona)
E3 Networking event MEDHISS: The Health protocol (Paris)
E3 Event “L’efficienza energetica e il gas naturale” (Catania)
D4 Jornada sobre la calidad del aire en el entorno portuario