AFTERLIFE Future dissemination activities

The After-Life communication & continuation plan aspires to ensure the sustainability of the project outcome and further promote its objectives. Its main aspects are:

  • The project website including key strategies and experience gained through AIRUSE project. One of its main objectives will also be to streamline the information available from the EC on topics concerning air quality and maximize its usefulness. The website will be operating until 2022.
  • The Open-forum created between AIRUSE partners and European stakeholders will continue to interact through the project´s website and also via meetings arranged by AIRUSE members.
  • Meetings with the stakeholders from all participating countries for the continuous update of mitigation measures and strategies. One presentation by the AIRUSE partners have already been given to the DG Environment, and more may be anticipated with European stakeholders as opportunities arise for ongoing dissemination of the AIRUSE results. This will assure the continuous involvement of stakeholders to the policy context of the project.
  • Relevant results from the AIRUSE project will be communicated and discussed by parts of the UNECE Convention on Long-Range Transboundary Air Pollution (LRTAP). Results from the AIRUSE project will also feed into several other parts of the LRTAP Convention, including: The European Monitoring and Evaluation Programme (EMEP)
  • A book containing all the technical guides produced by AIRUSE project will be published by the AXA Outreach Grant (AXAir project) in 5 languages and distributed in all European stakeholders , policy makers and managers of air quality.
  • A document containing recommendations to policy-makers for the update of the EC guidelines in the field of assessment of Saharan contribution to PMx loads in Europe
  • Training seminars on air quality issues destignated to school teachers and students
  • Activities to raise public awareness and engagement will be taken up as science communication events and festivals – open days at institutions to inform the public of the science which is conducted in their local area for example.

Additional publications of AIRUSE findings in peer reviewed journals, using open access journals wherever possible.

Maintenance and update of the project website

Participation in conferences and workshops, LIFE events

Meetings with national authories

Meetings with stakeholders

Publication of 3 scientific articles

Publication of AIRUSE book and document on African dust contribution on PM

Organize seminars, workshops and events for the general public

Organize International Platforme Meeting on Air Quality jointly with IMPROVE-LIFE project, AXA outreach grant and LIFE EC programme – Barcelona 26/27-09- 2017