Outputs and quantified achievements expected from this project:

  • Development of an information system of quantitative data concerning pollution sources impact. Comprehensive databases with the contribution of air pollution sources in the region of Southern Europe
  • Identification of the emission sources that are responsible for the exceedances of limit values of the EU Directive 2008/50/EC in South European countries
  • Development and adaptation of effective mitigation strategies for the region of Southern Europe
  • Technical guides and reports for the effective mitigation strategies at National and European level
  • One web page portal for the project activities (with the LIFE logo), and full details of its objectives, actions, progress and results
  • 6 seminars for secondary education teachers
  • Open forum with the participation of a broad range of stakeholders
  • 2 workshops for the general public
  • 1 experts’ workshop with partners form other LIFE+ projects
  • 3 training cources for the staff of the beneficiaries
  • One International Conference for policy makers
  • Media and press releases with the results of AIRUSE project
  • One Layman’s report on Actions, Tools, Effects and Long term Benefits from the project in National and European level
  • 10 technical publications in scientific journals and conference
  • 5 Project reports including Inception report, progress reports, midterm and final reports