Deliverable A1 Minutes of the meetings with the local authority’s
Deliverable B1.1: Review on contribution of emission sources
Deliverable B1.2: 4 Historical chemical composition databases
Deliverable B1.3: PM10 Trends in AIRUSE cities
Deliverable B2.1: Training materials for the technical staff
Deliverable B2.2: Updated PM database for Southern Europe
Deliverable B2.3: Chemical profiles for emission sources database
Deliverable B2.4: PM Speciation and Source Apportionment
Deliverable B3.1: S. Eur. database for concentrations of chemical tracers for natural sources
Deliverable B3.2: Report on Contribution of natural sources and methods used
Deliverable B4.1: Emission factors for biomass burning
Deliverable B4.2: Biomass burning in Southern Europe
Deliverable B5.1: Industrial activities inventory in AIRUSE cities
Deliverable B5.2: PM industrial emissions quantification in AIRUSE cities
Deliverable B6: Report on traffic sources contribution
Deliverable B7.1: Report on mitigation measures in S. Europe
Deliverable B7.2: Technical guide for industrial emissions reduction
Deliverable B7.3: Technical guide to reduce biomass burning emission
Deliverable B7.4: Technical guide to reduce road dust emissions in Southern Europe
Deliverable B7.5: Technical guide for mitigation measures from the experience of the N&C E
Deliverable B8: 10 reports for adapted mitigation measures


Efficacy of dust suppressants to control road dust re-suspension in C&N E.


Review impact of street cleaning on PM10 & PM2.5 concentrations in C&N E.


Low Emissions Zones in C&N Europe


Taxation and pricing strategies to discourage use of diesel vehicles in C&N E.


Strategies to encourage the use of electric, hybrid and gas vehicles in C&N E.


Proposed Eco-label for Passenger Cars and Vans in C&N Europe


Abatement of Emissions from Domestic and Agricultural Biomass Burning


The Control of Shipping Emissions


Abatement of NOx emissions from vehicles


Air Quality and Climate Change Abatement: Synergies and Conflicts
Deliverable C1: Policy effectiveness of the AIRUSE project
Deliverable C2.1: Questionnaires for the general public and stakeholders
Deliverable C2.2: Report on socio-economic impact
Deliverable D1: Project Website
Deliverable D2: Information board
Deliverable D3.1: Minutes of the Open forum
Deliverable D3.2: Proceedings of the International Conference
Deliverable D4.1: Training material for secondary school teacher´s
Deliverable D4.2: Publications in journals and conferences
Deliverable D4.3 Informative leaflet
Deliverable D4.4: Articles in general and trade press
Deliverable D5: Layman’s Report
Deliverable E1: Inception / Mid-term / Progress reports / Final report
Deliverable E2: Summary reviews on project progress
Deliverable E3: Minutes  of Experts’ Workshop and African dust workshop
Deliverable E4: After-Life Communication Plan