A.1 21/12/2012 Deliverable 4: Minutes of the meetings with the local authorities
B.1 31/05/2013 Deliverable 6: Chemical historical databases
B.1 30/06/2013 Deliverable 5: Review on Contribution of emission sources in Southern Europe
B.2 31/08/2013 Deliverable 1:Training material for the technical staff
B.2 31/12/2014 Deliverable 15: Updated PM database for Southern Europe
B.2 31/12/2014 Deliverable 16: Chemical profiles for emission sources database
B.2 31/03/2015 Deliverable 17: PM Speciation and Source Apportionment
B.3 31/05/2015 Southern Europe database for concentrations of chemical tracers for natural sources
B.3 31/05/2015 Report on Contribution of natural sources and methods used
B.4 31/05/2014 Deliverable 7: Emission factors for biomass burning
B.4 31/12/2014 Deliverable 18: Biomass burning in Southern Europe
B.4 31/12/2014 Annex 12: Courses on biomass combustion and sampling of emission from this source
B.5 30/09/2014 Deliverable 19: Report on industrial sources contribution
B.5 31/12/2014 Deliverable 20: Emission profiles for industrial activities
B.6 31/12/2014 Deliverable 21: Report on traffic sources contribution
B.7 31/03/2015 Deliverable 22: Report mitigation measures in S. Europe
B.7 28/02/2015 Technical guide for industrial emissions reduction
B.7 30/06/2015 Technical guide to reduce biomass burning emission
B.7 30/06/2015 Technical guide for new mitigation measures
B.7 31/12/2015 Technical guide for mitigation measures
B.8 31/12/2015  Deliverable 8: 2 (of 10) reports on adapted mitigation measures
C.1 31/05/2016 Report on policy effectiveness of the project
C.2 31/12/2014 Deliverable 23: Questionnaires for the public and stakeholders
C.2 30/09/2016 Report on socio-economic impact
D.1 31/12/2012 Project website
D.2 31/01/2013 Deliverable 9: Information boards
D.3 31/12/2013 Deliverable 10: Minutes of the OpenForum
D.3 30/09/2016 Proceedings of the International conference
D.4 31/05/2014 Deliverable 11: Training material for secondary school teacher´s seminar
D.4 31/12/2015 Deliverable 13:AIRUSE leaflet
D.4 30/06/2016 Deliverable 14: Articles in general and trade press
D.4 30/09/2016 Deliverable 12: Publications in journals and conferences
D.5 30/09/2016 Layman’s Report
E.1 30/06/2013 Inception Report
E.1 31/05/2014 Mid-term Report
E.1 30/06/2015 Progress Report
E.1 30/09/2016 External Audit
E.1 31/12/2016 Final Report
E.2 30/09/2016 Deliverable 2: Summary Reviews
E.3 31/03/2014 Deliverable 3: Minutes of the Experts Workshop
E.4 30/07/2016 After-LIFE+ Comunication Plan